by Naomi Gilon

Bearing Paws

Bearing Paws

450.00 — On sale

EN/ Sandstone legs; Granite blue satin enamel.
Fixing to the wall.
Can be used as a rack - see example photo.
(sold with hooks and certificate of authenticity)
Sold individually.
A) 26 x 19.5cm
B) 25 x 28cm (W x H)

FR/ Pattes en grès; émaillage satiné bleu granite.
Fixation au mur.
Pouvant servir de portant - voir exemple photo.
(vendu avec crochets et certificat d'authenticité)
Dimensions :
A) 26 x 19,5 cm
B) 25 x 28 cm (L x H)

Bearing Paws Image 2 Bearing Paws Image 3 Bearing Paws Image 4 Bearing Paws Image 5
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